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Early Action for Success

Early Action for Success (EAfS)

Campbellfield Public School is an Early Action for Success (EAfS) School. It is part of the Department of Education’s implementation of the NSW Literacy and Numeracy Strategy. EAfS aims to improve students' performance through targeted support for primary schools in the area of literacy and numeracy skills in the early years of schooling. EAfS maintains and extends the focus on instructional leadership to develop the literacy and numeracy skills of Kindergarten to Year 2 students.

EAfS strengthens the focus on:

  • Early identification of level of attainment in literacy and numeracy of each individual child in K-2
  • Differentiating teaching practice that focuses on the needs of the individual student
  • Using targeted interventions in literacy and/or numeracy according to need
  • On-going monitoring of student progress against the Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions.


Instructional Leadership

Instructional Leaders in EAfS work directly with teachers to build student and teacher capacity in both literacy and numeracy. Instructional Leaders focus on student learning and move through on-going cycles of investigation, and enhancing teaching practices for the betterment of student learning.

Campbellfield Public School has been privileged to be involved in numerous literacy and numeracy research-based projects with EAfS delivered by professors and academic leaders. These projects have led to whole school quality professional learning, improved results in teaching and learning as well as school visits and support from the Literacy and Numeracy Coordinators in the Department of Education EAfS team.