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Little Kindy

Little Kindy

Starting Kindergarten

Starting kindergarten is one of the most important life transitions your child will make. At Campbellfield Public School, we see this as an opportune time to give your child a happy and successful start to their schooling.  Before starting school, children do a wonderful job learning to communicate, make sense of the world, ask questions and solve problems.  Our Little Kindy program will strengthen your child’s curiosity as they translate existing competencies into new kinds of learning.  Our transition to school program responds to children individually with dedicated staff who recognise individual differences as assets.

From the moment your child starts our Little Kindy program, you will feel assured that our school motto ‘Strive to Achieve’ can be seen across all aspects of school life.  Our pursuit for excellence is inspired within a safe and caring learning environment that fosters mutual respect, whilst preparing our students to become life-long learners.  Our school community nurtures even our youngest students academically, socially and emotionally.  Quality teaching underpins our transition to school program and there is a strong ethos of collaboration, inclusion and family involvement.

What is Little Kindy?

Little Kindy is a Transition to School program during Term 3 and 4. Children attend Campbellfield Public School once a week for 2 hours and engage in a range of planned activities that make starting school as successful as possible for children, families and teachers. 

Good practice Transition to School programs usually involve activities for the children as well as parent information sessions, workshops or getting to know you opportunities. Transition programs work most effectively when parents participate for short sessions in the program with their children.  Our Little Kindy program offers all of these aspects across the 10 weeks that it runs. 


Transition to School is a big deal for young children, their families, schools and communities. When children start school they move from a play-based environment to a more formal learning environment.  There are more people and relationships for children to navigate and the physical surroundings can be very different.  Our Little Kindy program recognises the nature of these differences and builds in experiences and understandings to support children to manage these changes.

Little Kindy concludes with a graduation assembly and parent orientation, where we celebrate the growth of each child and focus on key information for the start of the new school year.

The benefits of Little Kindy?

Evidence suggests that children who have a positive start to school are likely to engage well and to experience academic and social success.  Transition to School may be a child's first experience of social interaction with others outside their immediate or extended family.  Children's perceptions of themselves as learners, and as someone who belongs at school, are often formed early in their schooling.  A Transition to School program can assist in achieving a positive start to school.

A quality Transition to School continues children's development and learning, building resilience at this key life cycle transition point for school and life generally.  Our Little Kindy program ensures children will start school ready to learn by building on your child’s prior learning and by developing strong links between parents and our school.

For more information or to enrol your child in Little Kindy please contact the front office.