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Early Support

Early Support

An individual’s mental health and wellbeing is not fixed or static – it can change depending upon a range of circumstances. There’s a continuum, with positive mental health at one end, emerging mental health issues in the middle and more serious mental health conditions at the other end. Depending on the circumstances, an individual can move back and forth along this continuum. This movement is influenced by a complex interplay of social, psychological, biological and cultural elements in a person’s life.

As educators we have a unique perspective and opportunity to observe where the children and young people we care for and teach might sit along this continuum. We are able to support those children and young people who might have difficulty coping with things happening in their life. We use internal support systems to provide early support, working within professional responsibilities and boundaries by working with colleagues and families to support children in our care.

At Campbellfield Public School we are committed to providing early support by working in partnership with a range of service providers to support students with diagnosed, disabilities speech, occupational therapy and mental health services. We support families to access additional support services, NDIS have strong partnerships with Macarthur Disability Services, Tharawal Aboriginal Cooperation and Waranwarin Early Learning Centre.