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Positive Behaviour for Learning

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

What is PBL?

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is a comprehensive, integrated whole school approach to student wellbeing and behaviour. PBL is a process that supports school leadership teams to create positive learning environments that enable student learning and wellbeing. At Campbellfield Public School we promote our three core values of safe, respect and learner. These core values underpin all aspects of school life and are vital in our students becoming positive citizens.

Further information about PBL in New South Wales schools can be found here:




The school merit system is designed to support and reward students who consistently display appropriate social, classroom and playground behaviour. The “PBL Merit Awards” are handed to students daily and are tracked in their classrooms. The following are the steps involved in the annual merit system:


15 PBL = Bronze

30 PBL = Silver

45 PBL = Gold

60 PBL = Medallion

PBL Badges

Each term staff members can nominate students who they feel have exemplified the expectations of PBL. Students can be nominated for Being Safe, Being Respectful or Being a Learner.

All nominated students are presented with a PBL certificate at assembly and each term, three students are chosen to receive a badge and special certificate; one student for being safe, one for being respectful and one for being a learner.

PBL Playground raffle tickets

At lunch and recess, teachers give out PBL Tokens to students who are displaying the behaviours of a safe, respectful learner in the playground. These PBL Tokens are a free and frequent reward for all students. These PBL Tokens are placed in the allocated class letterbox and at the end of the term, the letterbox with the most PBL Tokens, those classes receive a class party.

PBL Lessons

PBL lessons are driven by our school’s core values. These values hold the foundation of everything we do at school. Students and staff all follow these core values on a daily basis. PBL lessons are designed to allow for a deep understanding and provide an opportunity for students to practise the required skills and behaviours.

PBL lessons are taught in all learning settings across the school. All classrooms have a PBL display detailing what expectation students are learning and how they show success for each expectation.

Supporting Behaviour

Campbellfield Public School supports the learning, wellbeing and safety of all students. Collaboration between staff, students and parents/ carers is fundamental to maintaining positive student behaviour and effective discipline in public schools. As such all classes follow a “Behaviour Continuum” to ensure that we are proactive and responsive to managing a range of negative behaviour. 


Signage is displayed around the school to be a continual reminder of the expectations. This signage is displayed around the whole school including assembly areas, canteen, library, walk ways, classrooms and general high traffic areas.