Campbellfield Public School

Strive To Achieve

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About our school

Our school permeates a positive learning culture where students develop new skills, understandings and attitudes within attractive and expansive grounds. Our teachers are dedicated and enthusiastic professionals who support student development with well planned, relevant and challenging learning experiences that have their foundation in school-based and standardised assessments. This positive learning environment is supported by caring and experienced auxiliary staff who manage our school efficiently. Our community is comprised of an eclectic mix of parents and carers who desire the best educational foundation for their children. As a local public school Campbellfield remains an intricate part of the broader NSW Department of Education and Training, delivering a relevant and challenging curriculum to the children of our community. We are assisted in our educational aims with supplementary finances through the Priority Schools Program. 

School Houses

Our students are grouped in four school houses. These houses enable students of all ages to build friendships and provide an environment of team work. These houses are utilised in the classroom and are vital in sporting events. For whole school sporting events children are encouraged to wear their house colours.


Minorca:     Green

Estramina:  Red

Hewitt:        Yellow

Standard:   Blue