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Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal Education

At Campbellfield Public School, we take pride in providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education to all students.  We believe all students have a right to learn about the history of Australia’s First Nations peoples. Our school celebrates and recognises significant dates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture such as the National Apology Anniversary and NAIDOC Week. 

Kulcha Class

For our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, our Aboriginal Education Officer and a staff member run two meaningful lessons to K-2 and 3-6. During these weekly lessons, the students are engaged in different cultural activities such as gardening to create our own Yarning Circle, cooking, hearing dreaming stories and Aboriginal arts and crafts. Our Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer (ACLO) Aunty Carol visited Kulcha Class, taught students about Bush Tucker and how to make Lemon Mrytle Pancakes.  Kulcha Class is open for parents to come and be involved as well as local Elders. If you are interested please come see our AEO Miss Sharnie for more information.

In Years 5 and 6, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students participate in programs run through the Opportunity Hub, Cultural Sewing Program with Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation (for the girls), and SistaSpeak. These programs help build self-esteem, create friendships, cultural knowledge and identity. 

Stepping Stones- Personalised Learning Pathways

Our school's Personalised Learning Pathways (PLPs) for Aboriginal students are part of our Stepping Stones Project. The "Stepping Stones" PLPs are a genuine 3–way conversation between a student, their parent/caregiver and their teacher, which culminates in a specific plan being developed to support their learning through strong, shared partnerships. Aboriginal students had a literacy and numeracy goal if they were working towards achieving expected benchmarks in these areas. All PLP goals were underpinned by a deeper understanding of the individual while maintaining a strong cultural link. The Stepping Stones project enhances teacher and parent relationships and gave authentic voice to the process from all parties involved.